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     On Missing Link, I was a stop motion rigger, metal fabricator, and machinist. As a rigger, I was responsible for building rigging mechanisms providing movement, stability, and ease of performance for puppets, props, and motion controlled elements. I designed, prototyped, and managed production runs of rigging kit components using 3D printing, manual/cnc machining, laser cutting, welding, silicone casting, and water jet operation. As a metal fabricator, I worked in the welding shop building steel animation decks, construction armatures, and large-scale stage rigging support. As a machinist, I machined armature, rigging, and motion-control parts and kit items operating a Haas VF-1 cnc mill and manually machined production runs of parts using a variety of industrial machines and metal fabrication techniques. 

ML Rigging BTS.JPG
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