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I thrive in the vortex where creativity meets precision and dreams become a reality. 

With over thirteen years of hands-on experience in film, animation, themed entertainment, and live experiences, I've been part of some of the industry's most captivating and immersive projects. As a dedicated leader and teammate, I aim to turn a vision into a tangible masterpiece, ensuring every detail is carefully orchestrated to create a truly enchanting experience.


I've built my career on the foundation of technical and logistical knowledge and lifted it through the empathy of emotional and human elements that make creative interdisciplinary fields so remarkable. I understand the importance of personally connecting with clients, collaborators, and team members, ensuring that their dreams and aspirations are at the forefront of every project. Being a sensitive and effective leader creates an environment where innovation flourishes.

I am a passionate conductor of dreams, orchestrating every element of themed entertainment with an unwavering commitment to bringing joy and wonder. My journey has been defined by a deep understanding of what it means to be both a creator and a caretaker of enchanting experiences.

I am the Exhibition Manager for Meow Wolf's The Real Unreal, and I am responsible for all art and technology. 

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